Monday, 9 May 2016

So Much Has Changed!

 Hello everyone,

Lately I've been in such a reflective mood, which to be perfectly honest usually makes me so sad but this time all the thoughts have put the biggest smile on my face, and really been appreciating everything and everyone I have in my life. I think this is mainly due to the fact that we're in May. MAY!!!!! I swear the new year was just last week, I cannot get over how fast this year is already going but so much has happened and I have so many exciting things planned that I'm just having too much fun. I have so much to talk about that this post is probably going to be really rambly so I'll break it into sub-sections and just hope you all keep up. 

Friendship is something I take very seriously and as odd as it sounds I've spend years choosing out the right friends for me and I can honestly say for the first time in a very long while that I am 100% happy with my small, but solid, circle! This time last year I considered my 'best friend' to be a girl who I spent a lot of time with in college and we left we decided to go out for her birthday and since then we would go out clubbing or just be getting drunk. Don't get me wrong I've got some amazing memories with her that I will always look back on because I was having fun but I came to the realisation a few months ago that she wasn't doing me any good as a friend. We would talk everyday without fail, which was pretty draining as she would only ever talk about herself unlesss I had some gosssip, but it was all just too much for me which sounds incredibly selfish but I like friends to actually ask about my life without wanting all the seedy details. I had a massive argument with her in January time, she done something that she had given me such grief about so she became a massive hypocrit but she was expecting me to be fine with the choice she made (it was a really dumb choice, but because I had already been through it I didn't want her to get hurt) and ever since then our friendship has been somewhat questionable. The final straw with this 'friend' was when I went out with a group of friends and I had a faaaar better time with them because it wasn't a night filled with drama, just fun and laughter. Thankfully it's been a pretty easy friend-split as no arguments has happened or no bitching on social medias, that usually happens with a lot of girls, we simply just fizzled out.

It's not all sad though as in the past year I've made the most incredible friend, I honestly have so much love for my chummy that people think we're borderline lesbians..I can assure you we're not, we're just extremely close and for some strange reason she actually enjoys spending time with the oddball that is myself! She had only started working with me last April and it took us until about July/September to have a real conversation, she had assumed that I wouldn't like her but also recongnised me from school as I was a year above her, I knew I wanted to have this girl as a friend when we had a thrilling conversation about wands and we just blossomed from there. In Febuary we booked up to go to Disneyland together, which was such a big step for us as we hadn't really spent a lot of time with eachother outside of work, and as Disney is something that was both on our bucket lists it kind of made sense we go together. This time in 4 months our little weekend away in Paris would have been and gone but so many new memories will be made that we'll look back on when we're old ladies talking about our past..yes chummy, I'm expecting that to be a thing. In the past year we've had so many good days out and shared the experience of seeing Adele together, along with my longest best friend (more on him later). The only month that I haven't planned on doing anything with her is November, we have a pretty full and exciting year!! It's funny to think that I can't imagine not being friends with my chummy and we only met just over a year ago. 

On to my longest friend. He has been there for me through such sh*t it's unreal and I honestly adore him in a non-romantic way, even though after a few too many tequilas one of our friends made us have an awarkward conversation with eachother as I had confessed I had a bit of a crush on him in the past but it wouldn't work, thankfully we had a little chat and drew a line under it. I'd love to say I couldn't imagine my life without him but sadly we fell out for roughly a year during college, all because of my idiot of an ex. The ex in question was one of the biggest mistakes, obviously it's all I wanted at the time so I was too blind to see that he was a controlling, manipulative boy. Long story short the ex threatened to 'kick the sh*t' out of my best friend so understandbly he had to get away from that. Safe to say the relationship went downhill very fast after that and I ended that as quick as I could. Rebuilding my friendship was hard but the struggle was so worth it because we're closer than ever! 

Love has always been a tough subject for me, I'm basically the ugly duckling. Growing up I was always the girl who befriended the guys for my female friends to try and get into a relationship with, I was never the girl, just the friend who always seemed to be there. Now I like to think I've blossomed into a more human like person with some good qualities that a romantic interest may like. As I'm writing this I feel like I should retitle this section into 'sexual quests' or 'romatic failures' as I've only ever been in love twice, I've said 'i love you' to a few people and complete strangers in nightclubs but I've never truly meant it. The first guy I really fell in love was someone I used to work with and I was obsessed with him ever since we met and then he turned out to be a secret sweetie so I fell even harder. It's strange to say that I felt the feeling of love because he was my top crush for a solid 3 years and then we started dating..plot twist!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would find me remotley attractive let alone become my boyfriend. This may sound odd to a few people but he's the guy who really dug me out of my shell as if he, of all people, could like me then christ I can't be as half bad as I imagined. We weren't a thing for very long at all - we dated, became official, met the parents and broke up all within just short of two months. But he was always the guy on my brain. Some of you could possibly know all my feelings about him if you read my 'Boys on the Brain' post (click here to catch up). Sadly we don't speak anymore which kills me a little bit but after our last conversation where we had a little heart to heart I'm fine with that because I know there's no hard feelings there and even now when I see or hear his name I get a little smile because honestly without him I wouldn't have the confidence to think it was even possible that a guy could like me, so thank you to my ex for unkowingly helping me bring on new adventures.

After we broke up I took a good 3-4 months feeling sad about the whole ordeal, he wasn't my first break up but he was definately the hardest, but then I felt like I needed to get back out there as I was feeling lonely and just wanted some male attention. I started going clubbing a lot more, 2 or 3 times a week if I could, just to meet guys and that's when I realised that with a drink in me I can walk up to boys and have a pretty good flirting game..leading to my success in pulling guys at clubs. Not exactly I'm proud of but I loved the idea of kissing guys you had just met and then not even knowing their names (weird, right?). In the space of about 6 months I had a few sexual encoutners, I would say love interests but we all know what was happening, until November. 16th November everything changed. I was flying off to Lanzarote for a bit of winter sun on the 19th so my friends and I decided we would go for big night out as I had to be away from them for 2 weeks, it was honestly an amazing night influenced by probably far too much alcohol! At one point the club was pretty dead and there was just my friends and a group of guys on the dancefloor, I'm suprised I remember the night so clearly if I'm honest, but I kept noticing some of the guys looking over so naturally I assume they was after my big boobed friends..after a few more drinks I decided to just go over and dance with them, one of my friends followed then next thing I knew I was lip-locked with the guy I would choose out of the for Shannon! He asked for my name but obviously couldn't hear me so asked me to right out my name instead..he then pointed out he was on his contacts so could I put my number down, only the lucky ones get my real number or I type in any random digits. A few hours after he had left the club he text me saying his name and it was nice to meet me. Little did I know that he would turn out to be the lovliest guy and I actually felt guilty about going on holiday as I could only think about him, we spoke non-stop for the whole time of my holiday and arranged a date for when I got back. The cinema date went awful and I was gutted but somehow he didn't care and wanted to see me again. I won't say all the details mainly because I can sense a few people would be falling asleep by this haha! Aaaanyway, we've seen eachother ever since and have been in a relationship for nearly 3 months, I've never been able to see a futre with any guy in the past but with him I can and I can't wait for any adventures that happen along the way because aslong as I have my friends, family (including the cats) and my boyfriend I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!

Nothing else has really changed in the past year apart from I got my first tattoo and spent a lot of money on concerts, fun days, clothes and food.

The past 12 months have been crazy but I've loved every moment of it and learnt who was important to me, I feel like I've really set myself up for a good future with the people I have around me. All the pieces are just falling together and I can't wait to see what happens within the next year. I can say for certain that I want time to slow down slightly though because I'm enjoying myself too much for life to just speed past me.

Hope this very chatty post wasn't too long for everyone but I honestly have missed blogging so hopefully it won't take me months to update this again.

Friday, 6 May 2016

A Chummy Day Out | Mini Haul.

Hello everyone,

For the past week or so I've been feeling pretty rough, I thought I just had my usual hayfever symptoms (itchy eyes/skin, sneezing and the slight fear of cut grass) but then the usual signs developed into a full blown cold which doesn't really suprise me and I probably have one of the worst immune systems out of everyone I know! So because of this I couldn't go out as planned on Saturday night..I even went to the trouble of warning my manager that she could have a very hungover, and possibly still slightly intoxicated, Shannon to put up with. My wild night out turned into a quiet and a sleep fullfilled night in. Now in hindsight I'm slightly thankful the night didn't go ahead as my health as got a lot better but also I didn't spend an absurd amount of money of vodka red bulls.

On Monday morning I woke up and saw that Asda had the most adorable bedding with tiny unicorns printed on them, I knew I had to buy them and as I had the day off work I made it my mission to get my hands on them! Luckily I managed to rope chummy into coming on a little shopping spree with me, which was such a bonus as we always seem to have the best days together, not to mention our careoke sessions! Sadly I wasn't successful in finding the beautiful bedding so I'll have to make a little order for that but I did make up for that loss with a lot of cuteness, just prepare yourself for a Disney packed haul.

Tsum Tsum's are something that I've been collecting for a while now and seeing as Clintons stock the older ones I had to stock up. First up is Sebastian. I already have Ariel and Flounder from the Little Mermaid collection so naturally I felt like I had to get him, also whenever I look at him I just play Under the Sea in my head and for some reason that makes me very happy.

Next is Judy Hopps, the first bunny cop, and I love her a lot. I wasn't orignally planning on buying any Tsum Tsum's from the Zootropolis collection but after my bestest friend had been bidding and won Flash for me (thank you again!!) I thought he looked lonely so I decided to buy him some little friends.

Then I went on to buying Judy's new friend and sidekick, Nick Wilde, as I love the little friendship these two have. What also won me over to Nick is his ears I just love him a lot. Apart from Flash Nick is my favourite character as I love his humour throughout the movie! Clintons were also doing an offer that if you buy 2 you get the third 50% off and I love a bargain so I thought I would stock up!

The last character that I wanted from the Zootropolis range was Clawhauser as he is so adorable. The donut loving cheetah, who works at the front desk of the ZPD. I didn't particulaly like the fact that if I didn't buy another Zootropolis character then I would only have 3 and I prefer things to either be in multiple of 5's or even numbers.

I've wanted Minnie ever since I started my collection but for some reason never got round to picking her up, the thing that drew me into her so much is her little bow and her little tail which is literally a tiny piece of string but its the small details that impress me!
Now of course I wasn't buying Minnie without her beloved, Mickey, as that would just be cruel..seriously who would split the pair up?! Mickey sadly has never really caught my attention as I think he's too basic but I guess Disney does base around him so it makes sense for me to buy him as well as matching up with his girlfriend.

Whilst we was in Clintons I saw this super cute photo frame that I've had my eye on for months but I never purchased it as naturally a cute couple photo should go in here and as I haven't been with my boyfriend for 'that' long I thought it was too soon for that. I saw there was an offer on as buy one item from the selected range and get the second for 50% off again, so I thought sod it I need this in my life even if a photo of my cats get put in here.

I think this is one of my favourite things I got on this little shopping spree, if you didn't already know I'm a huge Frozen fan and have a lot of things from the franchise, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. This worked out perfectly really as I was looking for Disney themed frames for my trip to Disneyland in September with my bestest friend now it wasn't until we looked closer at the frame and realised that this is also actually a photo album as well which impressed me so much that I didn't even care about the price tag! I can't wait to fill this up with photos from a magical trip!

Last but not least we popped into the Disney store and I saw they had Bing Bong, I've wanted him since I saw Inside Out but could never find him in my store and didn't know if I could commit to him to make an online order, obviously I fell in love with him and went straight to the till. The smell of candlyfloss on him isn't very strong at all which I don't mind too much as my Lotso bear could be very overpowering at times. I have my eye on a candyfloss scented spray to liven him up if the smell goes completely though.

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul, I know I had an amazing day with chummy! Shopping, careoke, laughter and a spontaneous trip to beach for some candyfloss.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The A-Z Of Me | Get To Know Me. (Part Two)

Hello everyone, 

A little while a go I posted the first part to this post, A-M, so before you read this then please make sure you read that part here! Mainly because the introduction is a lot better over there, but for the second part I'm just jumping straight in to it. So here is the letters N-Z. 

N - A saying that I love and try to preach is NEVER SAY NEVER because people change as does the world and something that may not seem achievable right now doesn't mean that it won't be a thing in time to come. 

O - ORANGE is my favourite colour. I just love the vibrancy of the brighter shades and also love the oranges that can be seen in a sunset, I find the colour both calming and exciting. 

P - I love to think that I'm a PRINCESS and some people actually play along and use the term as my nickname, bless them. My parents even got me a tiara for my 20th birthday, it was only a childs plastic dress up one but for the day I got to be a princess and I loved every moment of it!

Q - I've been addicted to two apps lately and one of them is QUIZ UP. My boyfriend asked me to download it for a mini battle then I forced my parents to do some quizzes against me, when the game first game out I was obsessed but left it on my old phone. But now it's back and I love it even more! 

R - RAINY DAYS cuddled up in bed with a good film or book and some of my favourite candles lit is one of my favourite things. There's just something about being all cosy whilst the weather is horrible that makes me very happy!

S - When I was younger my parents swapped bedrooms with me, so I upgraded to the best bedroom and they moved into my little room. They painted the walls in SUGARED LILAC and every since I've loved the colour, so much so that I intend on having my bridesmaid dresses that colour when I get married..I think the colour looks so cute and somewhat magical!
T - TATTOOS are something that I'll always love, I only have one at the moment but have lots more planned, I just like how we're born as blank, fleshy canvases and we can choose whether or not we want some amazing ink on us. Also I think tattoos can tell you a lot about a person if you ask about the story behind the makes everyone truly individual.

U - UMBRELLAS hate me with a passion. No matter how windy it is the things always go inside out, I've given up with them I'll just drape a jacket over my hair and hope for the best.

V - I have a habit of spending far too much money on shoes, espicially VANS, my favourite pair are a lace up kitten print. Nothing says crazy cat lady like having them on your shoes!

W - Harry Potter has been an obsession of mine for a loooong time and I've collected a lot of merchandise so in my bedroom I've got a cabinet of my Potter shrine. My favourite thing is my Elder WAND, it's so detailed and I may or may not run around casting spells with it.

X - I'm a very accident prone person but I was even worse as a child, I've had multiple X-RAYS in my life but only resulted in a break a few times. I've broken the same arm twice and that's it, but because that arm is slightly weaker I've had a lot of times where I've bruised the bone.

Y - YANKEE CANDLES are my absolute favourite. I think I get the love of the candles from my mum as she has different Yankee's for different occasions. I love the Christmas scented ones as the smell is always so festive! At the moment I burn the Fireside Treats, in my bedroom, and it's just sweet enough without being too sickly or overpowering.

Z - Now this one could be an unpopular opinon and I totally understand the negative sides of captivity but I really enjoy spending a day out in a ZOO. Some of my happiest memories were created there so I feel like it's a big part of me.

Woah. This second part was so hard! I struggled and powered through for most of the letters so sorry if it's not fab but this is how my brain works. Thank you for reading and hope you now know me a bit better.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Getting Back On Track.

Hello everyone,

Lately my blog has been all around the place, in the sense of no schedule and rarely putting up new content. Sorry to those who actually read the things that are floating around in my brain but from now on I hope that's changing, I'm slowly getting back on track with my life after having a weird few weeks..but for now I'm just going to talk about things that I need to get back on track with and go at them with full speed!

 The Blog: As for this little outlet for my brain I plan to start having some sort of structure to my uploads, I'd love to post Monday through 'til Friday but lately I really can't juggle life, work and daily blog posts. My new little goal is to post new content at least 3 times a week..if there's more then it'll be a little bonus, for now the days that I'll be posting on are Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. This does mean that sometimes the days may change but for the way my days off from my job happens lately these days should be the best for me. But as today is Tuesday then expect a post tomorrow, it will be the second part to my A-Z of me! If you haven't read that post then click here

Healthy Eating: For the past week I've mainly been living off absolute junk food, including a few too many trips to McDonald's and too many sweets but that's all at a stop now. I've got to the point that I physically avoid getting changed near a mirror because it's a tragic sight right now. Food is the key to all my emotions though..if I'm sad I'll tuck in to some ice cream, if I'm happy I'll eat anything and not even consider the calories. I have to get back to a weight where I felt comfortable with the way I looked and I also want to wear shorts to V Festival without feeling everything jiggle. Back to strict eating and the gym for me! 

Work: Having a job in retail was never the dream, espicially working in one of the hardest department in the supermarket, but at the moment it's the only option I have. I don't see myself getting a new job anytime soon mainly because the concpet of actually starting fresh somewhere else is so scary to me! I normally moan a lot while I'm working but I've realised if I don't feel ready or comfortable to change it then I should really just accept it for what it is and enjoy the most of it as I really do have the best times with some of the people who work there. 

Friends: Lately I've realised who my real friends are, I'll talk about this another day, and thankfully I've managed to keep tight of them whilst having the most fun! This isn't really a getting back on track segment but I really just need to be more thankful for them as they do keep me sane, so thanks for putting up with my weirdness guys! 

Now I've put all this on my blog I better stick to these words, it's good to be back!

Monday, 21 March 2016

The A-Z Of Me | Get To Know Me. (Part One)

Hello everyone,

A few times on this blog I've posted some get to know me things as I love reading that topic of content but more importantly I love writing it too, especially if they're slightly challenging and makes me think hard about a good answer. This is why I love tags so much as I think they're just fun and if you all get to know me that little bit better then perfect! I saw this idea on a few peoples blogs and loved the concept so I thought lets do this, I'm splitting this up in to two chunks mainly so it's more readable as otherwise I think it just looks like a lot of babble and I would also prefer to write this in two parts as I'd probably give up at a certain point and never come back to it. Part one is A-M and I'll post the second edition in a few days so keep your eyes peeled! (I'll come back and link part two at the bottom)

Here we go!

A - You may already know this but my inspiration is ADELE. I just think she's so down to earth and she seems like the most genuine, caring celebrity..rumour has it that I would love her to mother me because her songs are a huge comfort in my life, plus she just looks like a good cuddler!

B - My favourite times of the year is Christmas and birthdays as in my family we usually spend a lot of time playing BOARD GAMES and we never stop laughing. I'm fairly close with my family, particularly my brothers, so I just love being able to bond and enjoy each others company whilst having fun and making memories. 

C - CATS!!!! I am a complete crazy cat lady and I honestly do not care. I'm aware that I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the cute felines but oh well! I have 3 boy cats who I love with every piece of me and they do brighten my darkest days, as lame as that may sound to some of you reading this but I know I can tell them anything and they won't go anywhere. 

[L-R] Milo (6 months), Ted (2 years), Smudge (4 years)

D - You're never too old for DISNEY! I've always loved Disney and that will never fade, I love every aspect. On September 2nd I get to go back to Disneyland Paris, I last went for my 10th birthday, but now with one of closest friends, otherwise known as my soul mate, and I couldn't be more excited for our little adventure.

E - This one might seem a little weird for some people but I can't go a day without EYELINER and if/when I do then you know I'm ill or hay fever has hit me hard. One thing I hate more than not wearing eyeliner is letting my eyes run, forcing me to look like a panda!

F - I wish real life was like a FAIRYTALE!! You could wake up looking perfect, talk to animals and sing to your Prince Charming but sadly it's not like that. Life is tough. I just think if I had a unicorn walking around I'd be pretty happy!

G - My main weakness, especially during diets, is GUMMY SWEETS. If they're sour then even better, I'm not a full on chocolate person as it just seems to lay in my throat so chews and gummies are the way to go with me.

H - I love HOLDING HANDS with a passion and when the boy does the strokey thumb thing..well say no more! I usually get quite paranoid after about 5 minuets of hand holding as all I can think is 'are my hands becoming clammy?'.

I - I can be such an INDECISIVE human sometimes and it's something that I'm always aware of, I wish I was someone who could make a snap decision and be done with the choice I have made.

J - JELLYFISH have always intrigued me, I love the look of them as they usually float around looking fairly peaceful but their sting is far from that. Thankfully I've never been stung but I've witnessed many stings happening at the beach whilst growing up, I wouldn't say I'm scared of them I just steer a bit clear of them but sometimes they just float a lot closer to me than I want.

K - I drive around in a little KA, called Luna, and I would honestly be so lost without her. Having my own car gives me so much freedom!

L - All I've ever dreamt about is being in LOVE and being loved back fully. When I'm with someone I fall pretty hard and pretty quick, which is a positive and also a negative of dating but luckily I've found someone who I adore. We can be complete weirdos with each other and still go on the cutest dates so thank you to him for being everything I want and more, I have physically said the 3 words to him yet as I feel like it's too soon (we've been seeing each other since December but officially been in a relationship for a little over a month) but I know it's going that way and hopefully he'll be in my life for a looooong time!

M - One of my favourite possessions is my MICHAEL KORS padlock bangle in rose gold, my parents got me this beauty for my 20th birthday present and I wear it pretty much every day!

So that's A-M, hope that gets you to know me a little bit better. Keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hello Spring!

Hello everyone,

Surprisingly I'm rather excited for the weather to start getting warmer, my favourite seasons are Autumn/Winter, and for everything to start becoming lighter. With the flowers starting to grow and the sun shining into our lives a bit more I have extremely high hopes for the warmer months to be as exciting as possible this year and Spring is just the start of that!

Now I never need an excuse to shop and revamp my wardrobe but the changing of seasons gets me all giddy with excitement as I can start bringing in some more colour and pastel shades into my fashion. My main goal with my clothing this season is to find everyday outfits that look classy and sophisticated, not that I'm either of those things but I I really would like to make an attempt, as I feel like the jeans and a slogan or Disney top combo is starting to look like I don't want to make an effort when in fact I love making an effort to go out the house! 

Many people have a 'Spring clean' around their house but I'm cleaning up everything. My room, my friends and just my life in general! I've had my bedroom decorated the same since I was 16 and I just feel like it would be a much nicer space if I make the room lighter and change it around a bit, I have a very clear picture of how I want to redecorate as I love anything home design and seeing as I would love to move out within the next few years (I've given myself a goal of to be moved out by the time I'm 25, lets see if that happens!) so I could see what styles I love beforehand. 

As for friends. Well it's really only the one. We met in college and was friends throughout but never become as close as we were until a few months after leaving. I used to trust this girl with everything I had but now I've slowly came to the realisation that she's more of a fake friend than anything and I haven't got time or the patience to deal with that sort of thing anymore, this doesn't mean we'll stop being friends but this does mean I'll shut her out of my life a bit more and will probably only see her on social occasions. We would speak everyday and all day but I haven't text her in over 3 days and I've never felt more content than what I am now! A little saying we have is 'we could never stop being friends because you know too much', well yeah she does know a lot about me and some of the things that I'm not proud of but seeing as most people know that now then there's no need to hide, but I know she's more scared if we ever stopped being friends that I would share her business around as she's told me some things that would shock the average person! For the record I would never share around anyones business out of spite or revenge, there have been times that I've told my best friends and boyfriend about her stuff but I just needs other people's opinions as I always felt like a huge bitch for thinking bad of her. Anyway long story short I need to cut away from her for a while which is an issue as I'm going to V Festival and sharing a tent with her and some of our friends but I'm at that stage now that I'm begging people to come just to go in a different tent. Thankfully my boyfriend is debating going to the festival, unfortunately for him he's not fully aware of the sleeping arrangements I had in mind!

So there are a few of my plans for Spring and for once I'm actually weloming the warmer weather with a huge smile.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Seeing Adele Live!

Hello everyone, 

March 15th was the day that I could finally tick one of the anticipated things that was on my bucket list, Adele is my favourite artist and also my idol. I adore her so much and not just because of her ridiculous talent but also she has to be one of the most down to earth celebrities, so in December a friend and I tried for days on multiple presales to bag ourselves some tickets but sadly failed until on the general sale I managed to get through the crowds of people on the website, that had crashed multiple times, and long story short after putting in all my details I just wept at the fact me and two of my favourite humans are going to Adele!

My mum offered to take us all to and from the train station so we could have a few alcoholic beverages if we felt like it, none of us ended up having any, and we got to the station fairly early. I've been to a fair few concerts at the O2 before and knowing how many people flood in I was eager to get there early so we didn't have hassle to get in anywhere to eat and I just find myself a lot more relaxed when I'm not in a busy environment as I can be a very anxious human if I let my mind take over. We went to have dinner in the Harvester which was a complete winner, I had my all time favourite of a BBQ Chicken Stack, Rocky Horror and a lot of refillable drink, we ended up sitting in there for about 2 hours in the end as we was pretty much laughing the entire time but I think the fact that we waited a good 20 minuets for our bill to arrive was a main factor in that!

After dinner we went for a little stroll around the O2 and just took a lot of selfies to capture every moment, in the end we decided to wait by the barriers so we would be some of the first to be allowed into the main arena..I detest stepping over people to get to my seat and queueing is a big no when there's thousands of humans.

Whilst we waited we kept staring at everyone being let into the VIP area, mostly full grown adults all dressed up flashing their smart looking tickets to get being the rope..I was beyond envious but then we noticed someone walking over there and instantly myself and Chloe shouted out "It's Joe Sugg!!", we're both huge fans of everything youtube and for me this was bloody cool so I quickly grabbed my phone and took possibly the worst photo ever!

Finally it was time to go in the arena and here is where my brain went into overdrive and just thought what about if these tickets are fake and I've dragged my best friends here for nothing, all the excitement and build up for months on end to be told you're not allowed in. I only shared this little concern when we was physically inside and we got in, to be honest I don't even know why I have this worry every time as I only ever buy concert tickets from official sites but it's something I'll always be paranoid about.
We found our seats and that's when it became real to me that in just under 2 hours my idol would be standing on that stage belting her heart out. The seats we had were so incredible, usually in such a big arena I'd be sitting up the back and near the ceiling so I was in utter shock when I could actually see everyone on stage without having to imagine a face on a walking blob!

I still have no words for how incredible Adele's show was and I still feel so lucky to be able to say I've seen her live and to tick this huge thing off my bucket list. More times than I'd like to admit I had to hold back the tears during as they have a lot of emotion behind the song for me as I like to piece music to my life. I didn't take many photos as I videoed near enough every song as I can listen back to the best night of my existence, even though I can hear the man who was sitting next to me but that's fine as he was loving life and singing his heart out so all I can say is way to go to him!

One thing I will add is how funny this woman is and how much she does for her fans as she showed that on the night. If you have tickets to any upcoming shows then I hope you enjoy and sing your heart out as I know I had a blast but for now this night is just memories and a few scrapbook pages when I get round to crafting them.